TNX Network?

TNX.NET link ads advertising system based on points (tnx points) with 43033 users, 32821896 links in the system and 34261517 indexed pages. Text links can be placed on main pages as well as on single, deep pages that either have several different outbond links or no links at all.Using the benefits of Network you will be able to get large amounts links .Network users can sell and buy links , price is calculated in points (TNX points). You get control panel to start your campaign for Advertisers or to sell or transfer points to another user.

System work like link exchange system – you need to create campaign, choose kategories , backlinks filter and filter for destination of your links campaign (better places need more TNX poins).Links are distributed via installed script to destination url.TNX Network will not advertise following websites:

Free-hosted sites , Doorways - pages , New websites without backlinks , Involved in illegal activities, Selling confiscates and others that require advance payment, Political sites and slogans, Websites promoting violence, pornography, extremism etc, Anchors in not supported languages,Websites containing Spyware, Viruses, Trojans etc,Contain spelling and grammatical errors, lead to pages that don't exist, Contain words written in all CAPS with the exception of acronyms and trademarks, Lead to websites that do not contain any information related to the keyword given in the link,Have nothing to do with the chosen subject or contradict it. All websites are proved .TNX network drop free 5000 point for DP forum users . I have in the moment 3600 points and i have created campaign to see how Network works , i will update this post when (if) campaign over TNX Network start with review and short descriptions about link advertising. Posted on 31 January Campaign approved after 15 min. , targeted sites start to appear after half hour in Campaign stats. From Campaign stats panel you see all sites, PR, and other details . You have full control over all websites wich appear in campaign stats. You must proove all sites (i think) specialy if you check all languages and multiple categories with lot of points.Check websites dayly (for content or - some websites have redirecting link on first or second page,some pages not exist and one of my links landed on forum with p..... Posted on 4 Februar Today is 9 February – resume No 1- Lot of links are OK but if you want to see your links on category targeted websites i suggest to make more campagn with one or two category in one lang, if you choose more category and more languages you risk to get to many links from diferent websites in different lang – and you loose control over quality sites (to many websites and links). Whatever, if you want only links without control it's great chance and great advertising Network. It's risk free to try and promote your site with TNX.NET . Get your website promotion with TNX Network and help TNX Network to impoove services. Time frame is huge when i start with campaign but later i loose less time for link prooving . Nobody is perfect, in campaign list are couple websites with error 404 pages, some domains out of buisness , websites only for adsense, political websites and fictive websites . Dont panic about this, it's only small number of websites and dont forget links in the system have about 34261517 indexed pages or more. For those without linking experiances it's great opportunity for link building and promoting website over the Internet for fresh visitors and lot of links. It's free to try and simple to stop link Campaign,you only need to freeze or delete Campaign. Advertising Campaign is recommended for try . Happy website promotion!! Next post update : publisher review for TNX Network.