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Prince Charles posts Twitter video after Covid-19 diagnosis

Prince Charles posted a video to Twitter saying he and his wife sympathize with others during this "anxious, unprecedented" time after testing positive for Covid-19.


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Website and support

Fun video about website down and how support solve this. Have fun get  a hosting!!

Credit for this fun video goes to The Website is DOWN .

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Video sitemap for Google

Monday, December 17, 2007 Google introduced Video Sitemaps for webpages to help users search world’s public videos. Video sitemaps are extension of the Sitemap Protocol that helps make your videos more searchable via Google Video Search.

More about Video Sitemaps on Google Webmaster central. Before you read any other blog or articles about sitemap please read first Google Sitemap FAQ and then decide how to use sitemap or how to build sitemap for website. Promote your videos making video sitemap for videos powered website and then submit sitemap to Google .

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