Phrase Based Optimization concepts – new trends?

After two topics SEO is not magic wand 2 and SEO is not Magic wand on Digital point forums i decide to write latest post about Paid to proofreading only to test my replies on this topics. For couple hours my blog post about paid for proofreading apears on first Google page (without any marketing moves – i only publish post about proofreading) and today post get No3 place for keyword phrase Paid for Proofreading , Google search reported 1,050,000 results for Paid for Proofreading but only couple pages with exactly phrase.

This represent trends from some people to promote some phrases for very important and present ranking for those like successful SEO but those phrases are non competitive and simple post like latest proove that non competitive keyword phrases have short term life (until people write exactly phrase).

Another member write about Phrase Based Optimization and again searching with Google and Yahoo returned similar results but with only couple pages with full phrases from same author with trend to promote new keyword phrase trend ( my of view). I agree in some points , people use more keywords in search bar but who know what exactly? . I will sugest this : dont use 3- 5 words use 10 or more words and you see succesfull searching from search engine but how you know what phrase is right (maybe is your writings? ) that mean for promoting SEO services i will find non competitive keyword phrase with 1 mil or more, write post with this keyword phrases and then im ready to proove Phrase Based Optimization concepts or if you like 14 words based optimization concept and prooved best search engine optimization for corporate sites . I dont think so , anyway if you have wish to step on first place on search engine for some phrase or phrases i will push your keywords , just give me a minut or two and i will tell you your keywords – believe me i know what im doing.

Nothing to see here anymore, move along . . . its just SEO page