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Will the US, China and Russia come together to shape a new world order post-coronavirus?

If we know anything about the post-pandemic world, it is that it will be “different”, and that three countries – the United States, China and Russia – will be decisive in shaping it, for better or worse.These three countries are not only the most powerful strategic, military and, in two of the three cases, economic players of our time but they are also countries whose governments think and operate in “rule-setting” ways. Each of them will carry an effective veto on the world-building plans of…


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Does Google index dynamic pages?

Yes, Google indexes dynamically generated webpages, including .asp pages, .php pages, and pages with question marks in their URLs. However, these pages can cause problems for our crawler and may be ignored. If you’re concerned that your dynamically generated pages are being ignored, you may want to consider creating static copies of these pages for our crawler. If you do this, please be sure to include a robots.txt file that disallows the dynamic pages in order to ensure that these pages aren’t seen as having duplicate content. In addition, you might consider creating and submitting a detailed Sitemap of your pages using the Sitemaps component of our webmaster tools. Our webmaster tools are an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google. You can automatically keep us informed of all of your current pages and of any updates you make to those pages. Please note that submitting a Sitemap doesn’t guarantee that all pages of your site will be crawled or included in our search results. To learn more about Google Sitemaps and webmaster tools, please visit our information page.

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