Oleh: traveller
October 16, 2007


Yahoo Slurp Googlebot The web archive (IA Archiver) Alexa (IA Archiver) Netcraft

Spider with lots of trafic :

Spajderi koji prave veliki saobracaj :

Twisted PageGetter Twisted PageGetter Address is “ Ukoliko zelite da ga blokirate ubacite sledeci kod u . vasem serveru If you want to it, you can put this code in your .htaccess file: 1 2 3 RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} “Twisted PageGetter” [NC] RewriteRule ^.*$ – [F,L] That’ll give it a 403 Forbidden Error when it tries to access your site. Ovo ce mu dati 403 Zabranjen greska ukoliko pokusa da pristupi vasem

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