Part one – SEO before SEO

Title is not really ok but i will use word instead of using any other , all are useless without Engine Optimisation (not really if you prefer to build your business with flayers and 20-th century marketing).

(1) presence is about your against other in battle for position for some keyword(s), not yours you are not customer (remember you are seller) .

(2)Ah, we also need to build corporate website and usually need to host website. Think twice or more : you need website for ?? – portal for clients – only website ,,yes we have website,, – corporate website with services and support for clients , marketing for clients and Big Shop window for customers .

(3) You need Webmaster before anything – represent wheel betwen you and your site, important advisor for your site concept.

(4) Very important is name for your website (domain)

(5) All info about competition and websites to your site or your content

(6) Also you need to have vision about all this .

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