• Social bookmarking sites

    Social bookmarking is a great way to find readers . This list of bookmarking sites will help you do just that. Explore Social Networks and get your readers or get new friends, find some beatyfull blogs and sites. Be Social. Tags: enjoy Related posts Sitemap from desktop – basic seo (0) Paid to Proofread |…

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  • Sitemap submit by hand

    Submit sitemap to search engines by hand. Enter into browser:searchengine_URL/ping?sitemap=sitemap_url (for example, your sitemap here Tags: prijavljivanje, sajta, search, sitemap, ubaciti Related posts Prijavi sajt na Yahoo (0) SEO optimizacija za pretrazivace (0) Prijavljivanje sajta na MSN live (0)

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  • Kako ubaciti sitemap u robot.txt

    Pretrazivaci vide vas sitemap i bez sledece procedure ali ne smeta ubacivanje lokacije sitemap-a u robots.txt fajl .Ovako treba da izgleda vas robots.txt: Tags: kako, sitemap, ubaciti Related posts Sitemap submit by hand (0) Prijavi sajt na Yahoo (0) Kako napraviti sitemap – do 500 stranica na sajtu (0)

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  • Kako napraviti sitemap – do 500 stranica na sajtu

    Za SEO vaseg sajta je jedan od elemenata izrada sitemap-a.Sitemap izradite na zavrsenom sajtu i obavezno proverite dali imate losih linkova u njemu. Ukoliko imate sajt sa sadrzajem do 500 stranica sitemap.xml najlakse mozete napraviti na sledeci nacin : Tags: 500, engine, google, kako, na, napraviti, sajt, sajta, sajtu, search, seo, sitemap, stranica, yahoo Related…

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  • Sitemap for novice – up to 500 pages

    If you have small website with up to 500 pages this describe best method to get your sitemap in following formats : sitemap.xml, urllist.txt, sitemap.html, sitemap.xml.gz , ror.xml. Tags: 500, directory, novice, pages, server, sitemap, spiders, website Related posts Sitemap building,submission to Yahoo and Google (0) Lot of Free, Non-Reciprocal, Search Engine Friendly Links Directories…

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  • Spiders

    Spiders list: Yahoo – Yahoo Slurp Google – Googlebot The web archive (IA Archiver) Alexa (IA Archiver) Netcraft Tags: block, google, htaccess, ip, IP address, na, sajtu, spiders, web, yahoo Related posts Kako napraviti sitemap – do 500 stranica na sajtu (0) Izrada sitemap.xml-a sa racunara (0) Google Technical guidelines (0)

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  • Prijavi sajt na Yahoo

    p>Yahoo je jedan od najvecih pretrazivaca i prijava na ovaj pretrazivac je bitna za SEO i propagaciju vaseg domena na Internet-u. Prijava sajta na Yahoo je deo osnovnog rada na SEO vaseg sajta. Tags: google, Internet, na, prijavi, prijavljivanje, sajt, sajta, seo, sitemap, ubaciti, yahoo Related posts Prijavljivanje sajta na MSN live (0) Kako napraviti…

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  • Sitemap building,submission to Yahoo and Google

    For website – up to 1000 pages: Go to Online sitemap builder , enter your url Download files then uplod sitemap.xml,urllist.txt to your site. Tags: google, pages, search, sitemap, website, yahoo Related posts Video sitemap for Google (0) Sitemap from desktop – basic seo (0) Quality guidelines – basic principles from Google (0)

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  • Promote your blog

    List for your blog promotion – be here for 2 weeks i made new 100% free and tested list, no time ? use resourse below — Happy linking!! My 2 cents for blog directory list made by Linda Bustos from .I give you similar but short version: Tags: blog, directory, free, google, network, Promotion,…

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  • Does Google index sites with frames?

    If you read this post for first time keep reeding — ,,Google supports frames to the extent that it can. Frames can cause problems for search engines because they don’t correspond to the conceptual model of the web. In this model, one page displays only one URL. Pages that use frames display several URLs (one…

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  • SEO i subdomen

    Search Engine Optimisation i pozicija subdomena na pretraživacima . Postavljanje poddirektorijuma kao subdomain-a  nece naneti nikakve štete optimizaciji na pretraživacima. Postavljanjem subdomain-a dobijate mogucnost da vršite promociju istog koji se tretira skoro kao domain i uglavnom skoro svi direktorijumi prihvataju subdomain za prijavljivanje i upis u direktorijum linkova. Tags: blog, datacentar, engine, na, prijavljivanje, Promotion,…

    • Website and support

      Fun video about website down and how support solve this. Have fun get  a hosting!! Credit for this fun video goes to The Website is DOWN . Tags: hosting, support, video, website Related posts Part one – SEO before SEO (0) Video sitemap for Google (0) Sitemap from desktop – basic seo (0)

    • Server administrator

      A server administrator, or admin has the overall control over a server The admin for a server is typically the owner and financier of the server, or can be a payed Administrator who has been granted administrator rights by the owner. Tags: administrator, payed, server Related posts Sitemap for novice – up to 500 pages…

    • Need a Laptop ?

      Toshiba Protege R 500 state of art laptop, From Toshiba: ,,The Ultimate Ultraportable Ultralight at just over two pounds, and offering a stunning silhouette, the Portégé® R500 Series is the ultimate expression of executive mobility and style. Tags: 500, intel, Intel Core, laptop, Notebooks and Laptops, optimize, Toshiba, Toshiba Portégé Related posts Sitemap for novice…