• Say it, don’t spray it!

    How to find and recognize good SEO blog? SEO blog is about Search Engine Optimization not about wallets , t-shirts and some other ads . Tags: blog, directory, engine, google, network, optimization, search, Search engine optimization, seo, spray Related posts Phrase Based Optimization concepts – new trends? (0) SEO blog (0) SEO optimizacija za pretrazivace…

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  • Phrase Based Optimization concepts – new trends?

    After two topics SEO is not magic wand 2 and SEO is not Magic wand on Digital point forums i decide to write latest post about Paid to proofreading only to test my replies on this topics. For couple hours my SEO blog post about paid for proofreading apears on first Google page (without any…

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  • Paid to Proofread | Enjoy in books and get payed

    If you like to read you also have chance to get money for reading, Paid for Proofread is new job for those who have editor quallity.New freelancer job from home read books and get payed.Isnt that simple, you also need to be copyeditor that mean you need to find errors and ProofRead is your job…

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  • Prijavljivanje sajta na MSN live

    <p>Za prijavljivanje sajta na MSN live potrebno je da ste registrovani na nekom od MSN servisa kao npr. Hotmail.  </p> Tags: google, Google Webmaster Tools, live, Matt Cutts, msn, na, prijavi, prijavljivanje, sajt, sajta, sitemap, web, WebmasterWorld Related posts Prijavi sajt na Yahoo (0) Nasi direktorijumi za prijavljivanje sajtova (0) SEO optimizacija za pretrazivace (0)

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  • Bad Neighborhood Link Checker SEO tool

    This Link Checker Tool written by Michael VanDeMar will help you to check your site links and destination of external links for bad links , number of links , broken links, penalized sites etc. Useful to check link exchange or quality of linked websites. Please read Important Note before using this search engine optimization tool…

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  • Live Search – how to – submit site

    Like other big search engines you must be registered with MSN if you want to use Webmaster tools . Make account and login, submit your site (if you have problem with blank domain name just add WWW. before name), you also need to verify site ( i suggest to insert given metatags in your index…

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  • Server

    From Matisse Enzer : A computer, or a software package, that provides a specific kind of service to client software running on other computers. The term can refer to a particular piece of software, such as a WWW server, or to the machine on which the software is running, e.g. “Our mail server is down…

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  • Submit RSS Feed

    Now i will test and write list for your RSS Feed All tested and proved – submit your Feed (blog or something else) : Tags: blog, network, websites, yahoo Related posts Create your Blog FREE (0) Say it, don’t spray it! (0) Promote your blog (0)

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  • SEO

    From Matisse Enzer : SEO — (Search Engine Optimization) The practice of designing web pages so that they rank as high as possible in search results from search engines. There is “good” SEO and “bad” SEO. Good SEO involves making the web page clearly describe its subject, making sure it contains truly useful information, including…

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  • Search Engine

    From Matisse Enzer : A (usually web-based) system for searching the information available on the Web. Some search engines work by automatically searching the contents of other systems and creating a database of the results. Other search engines contains only material manually approved for inclusion in a database, and some combine the two approaches. Tags:…

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  • SEO i subdomen

    Search Engine Optimisation i pozicija subdomena na pretraživacima . Postavljanje poddirektorijuma kao subdomain-a  nece naneti nikakve štete optimizaciji na pretraživacima. Postavljanjem subdomain-a dobijate mogucnost da vršite promociju istog koji se tretira skoro kao domain i uglavnom skoro svi direktorijumi prihvataju subdomain za prijavljivanje i upis u direktorijum linkova. Tags: blog, datacentar, engine, na, prijavljivanje, Promotion,…

    • Website and support

      Fun video about website down and how support solve this. Have fun get  a hosting!! Credit for this fun video goes to The Website is DOWN . Tags: hosting, support, video, website Related posts Part one – SEO before SEO (0) Video sitemap for Google (0) Sitemap from desktop – basic seo (0)

    • Server administrator

      A server administrator, or admin has the overall control over a server The admin for a server is typically the owner and financier of the server, or can be a payed Administrator who has been granted administrator rights by the owner. Tags: administrator, payed, server Related posts Sitemap for novice – up to 500 pages…

    • Need a Laptop ?

      Toshiba Protege R 500 state of art laptop, From Toshiba: ,,The Ultimate Ultraportable Ultralight at just over two pounds, and offering a stunning silhouette, the Portégé® R500 Series is the ultimate expression of executive mobility and style. Tags: 500, intel, Intel Core, laptop, Notebooks and Laptops, optimize, Toshiba, Toshiba Portégé Related posts Sitemap for novice…